Heaven on Earth with the First Man

'Today and Tomorrow 1999'




The idea of the installation is:
Heaven on Earth will come in the future! I am sure, for I have worked with the invisible material of emotions in Experimental Art - and followed them. This turned out to be a difficult way. I was going this lost way unconsciously with the First Man. It brought a lot of pain.

Today some people are also following this painful way of developing their emotions, but they dont know it. As I noticed and followed the signals of my feelings and I was able to feel sympathy with the people around me, the different signals of emotions changed into signals of a New thinking. In these creative processes emotion (symbol: heart) gave birth to a new mind: intuition (symbol: mirror).

During this expedition through my emotional world the several emotions grew and the three parts of Personality (reason, emotion, intuition) became united. I discovered a circle of nature in this metamorphosis, because I felt like a child in connection with spirituality. Now I was looking into my own mirror.

All the mythologies of ancient times tell about this event of metamorphosis. But I'm very grateful for the development of my emotions and looking into the future hopefully.




© M.L. Marlie Haberey-Bock